Walking in my shoes (Laugh and the world laugh with you, 76th challenge)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

These sandals aren’t made for walking
They wobble to and fro.
They make me wiggle down the street
Every where I go.
It made the people laugh at me, and my
salty tears begin to flow.

I thought of the old women who lived in an
old shoe, with so many children it must of
seem like a zoo.
It made me laugh too, to think of her and that
old shoe. And how it must of wobble to and fro
just like me, with all those children tucked
safely inside.

I stopped and talked to these people who's laughter
flowed so freely, like water in a creek. And soon
I was laughing along.
Laugh and the world laughs with you, and cry and the
world cries.

That when I notice the great opportunity that laid
before my very eyes.
I stopped for a second in time, and took a deep breath.
and let it out slowly.
I had an audience, what more could I ask for.
And we talk about my love of poetry and the great poem
my sandals would make.

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