The Mighty Mouse (never broken, always wins)

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

I have a lovely mouse
that lives in a wall
I walk by his house and
tap on the wall
he comes out with cheese paws
he smiled at me
and squeaked....
Mice, the animal on earth
and 50% of all mammals
that survive and cannot be wiped out
they outsmart predators
are so fast, you cannot catch them
even though some fall
they become victorious over & over
over & over
over & over
at the Pet Store
I see them yawning
little paws stretching
stacked on top of each other
keeping warm
white ones
black ones
gray ones
striped ones
then they compete for the
"Mouse Wheel"
and they ride the surf
tails erect
like champions
like a rudder
fighting imaginary waves
and then they go back
to a small world
of love, warmth and relaxation
stacked up on top
of each other
I like the white ones
with pink eyes
smiling at blue
the mouse will never be broken
will never quit
will never give up
it will never be extinguished
and I am that mouse
you can depend upon me
I have a covenant with
the mouse
is always my friend

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