a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

Glitterati and paparazzi
They coexist
Hand in glove
Or better , like the mud fish and sticky mud !

A ton of refuse
They produce everyday
In every channel ,every hour
How they lost their kilos
Of celebrity fat in a sauna
Or how their measly tips to the lift man
Raised eyebrows and
Produced the chattering teeth
" We deal only in cards, hardly any cash, you know !"
"We know for sure, Sire and Madam, WE KNOW !"

How their sleazy photos in their birthday suits
Were clandestinely posted in Instagram or Facebook
By their dejected or rejected "Ex's"
And how people from ' Ten to Hundred ' lapped it all up,
As the news went viral
The hot stuff spread like wild fire
Bringing the ' Moral Brigade ' chanting
" Shame Shame ! " to their plush homes !

Oh, Lord give us our daily news hour
Or the clean news paper
Minus the daily celebrity filth
Help us remember
The eternal hell fire
When we do itch for a ' Peep !"
"Heh, hhe ,hhe Hhaww!"
" You said it , Oh, long suffering donkey !"

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