Gauri lankesh Martyred for the nation

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Gauri a journalist was killed, and
I tell you, perpetrators,
Won't ever be found,
Being a bold journalist,
You for your works were crowned.

Timid die day after day,
Bold die just for once,
The death that comes for being bold,
Is really a matter of pride,
Let the weak just hide.

You are an unsung hero of Nation,
You are our nation's pride,
A death that comes for freedom,
Is not too great a price,
You are a hero that l find.

Cowards fire at the back,
Stab you, or order death,
Yet you go in history with pride,
Those who killed you just hide,
Cowards do always hide.

Hat's off to you strong lady,
Stronger than coward men,
Who killed you in cold blood,
Jacob salutes you just now
Bold can never bow.

Oliver Paul Jacob
In memoriam
Janet Jacob requime
You killed her
All my poems
Fear not the wolf

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