You killed her

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

You killed her, 
You killed her
Don't plead now that,
I am wrong.

The day you slapped her,
The day you called her words,
I tell you killed her,
You killed her for sure.

Day after day,
As you cut her to size,
All such actions,
Were not so wise.

The flower that was yours,
Given to you, by His grace,
You choose to crush it,
You crushed your very face.

Beauty that could bloom,
In your tender care,
Has faced the heat,
There is none to care.

You have made,
A hell of your life,
I tell you just stop it,
She is your wife.

When we crush our partners,
We crush ourselves,
Making them fear us
We turn our life into hell. A poem by R.A.Jacob.

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