'Native' Americans!

a poem by John Starks, USA

Perhaps they kneel, as he drives them to pray,
Who, longing yet for what the flag implies,
Fear now that freedom of 'religion' dies,
Or is e'en what their 'mastah' would betray.
In silence now their souls trump sun-kissed clay
As they vie, too, for what e'en heaven vies,
Who shut (reprieve yet seeking) weary eyes
To seek the boon they sought in yesterday!
Ah, he, to God Almighty, yet gives pause
Who seems to be devoid e'en of a soul,
Or long estranged from heaven's lofty laws.
Division seems but what he would extol,
Who, menacing, bares yet his sharpened claws
But for to take (should Fear awake) Fear's toll!

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