An Alliteration of “S” for September!

a poem by Denis Barter, Canada - poetry writer, author, poet

September’s soft showers soothe sunburnt and seared skin,
and satisfies severely scorched, sunbaked soil. Such
seriously singed and seared soil, surrenders to soothing
spells of satiating showers. Showing spirited satisfaction
for such soothing showers, September stages a spectacular
swanky, snazzy and seductive show, by showing scads of
subtle shimmering sheens! With soft sparkling spasmodic
sunny spells, sensing the seasonal shift, September snidely
and sneakily suggests Summer is seriously spent!
So sadly, we say - so long to summer's stellar sun!
Somewhat soaked, seeking somewhere safe from sudden showers,
sophomore Sharon, seconded by Susan, sobersides Samantha,
stalwart Samuel, and soulful singer Saul, scout suggested
secluded sites to spring a surprise on Sydney and Sarah
seen surreptitiously, and salaciously smooching in a
supposedly secret southerly site. Stipulated as situated
somewhere safe from suspecting, spiteful, sanctimonious searching eyes! Sexy Spanish Senoritas, smirking seductively, sneak silently
seeking to seduce, snooty sartorial senors - specified as sagacious samba specialists. Sporting singular styles, some sashay and shuffle soft shoe solos, showing sharp skills seldom seen since. Sayonara say sober sentimental senescent sentinels, who stymie and sideline superior superintendents, supervising, suspiciously servile superior superstar servants, slowly serving seventy sweaty andsurly superior specious Senators! Stepping stealthily and silently, savants, showing supreme skills with skillets, skewers and saucepans, serve slavering soupcons of superlative sauces! Several sweet sniffing sitters, sensing a simmering spicy sensual situation suggest someone should say something should simmering succulent, steamy soup spoil, or spew over! Spiteful sisterly spiels sometimes spark spats that start spontaneously, to spur spiteful satirical sessions.
Shortly it seems scads of scavenging schoolgirl shoppers, systematically shopping Saturdays and Sundays with stacks of saved shekels, scarper swiftly to seasonal sales, saving stupendous sums.
Shouldering shotguns, soldiers, submariners and sober sailors,
shoot shotgun shells at soaring seagulls swooping seaward!
September slyly slid swiftly into soggy, sobering October.
Snow birds soon scoot south though snow is splendidly satisfying so sleighers and skiers say. Sadly, seeing September slip softly away, so October came to stay. Simply Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Mary Poppins would say!

Rhymer. October 2nd, 2017.
(Put it down to overwork and the weather! LoL!)

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