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Dhritarashtra this way asked,
“O Sanjaya, on the holy field
Of Kurukshetra, war is going how?
What they’re doing right now?”

Sanjaya followed the events,
Gave all the detailed accounts,
Of what was going on there?
Thus Bhagavad Gita is born here.

Both sides were ready,
To start the war bloody,
Conches blowing sound
Shook the sky and ground.

Besides conches, kettledrums,
Tabors, bugles, trumpets, horns,
Blared forth from both sides,
Made a tumultuous noise

It was right time for the start.
But it was a moment to thwart
The ongoing war preparation
For Arjuna bound in desperation.

Uncles, grand uncles, brothers,
Sons, grandsons, teachers,
Cousins, friends, well wishers,
He saw with many others

His actions then proved,
That he was deeply moved,
At the sight of kith and kin,
Stood ready to lose or win.

“O Krishna, Why to kill them,
To win a blood soaked kingdom?
Later on what do I really gain
When they’re totally slain?”

“O Govinda, War is a curse,
Think. Its results are worse.
It destroys age old traditions.
It creates massive disruptions.

“To see the war widows wailing,
Our cherished values collapsing,
Our family bondage ruining,
My heart is terribly breaking.”

“The lust for power and greed,
In fact, it has taken its lead.
So, we fight for this kingdom.
We’ve surrendered our wisdom.”

“Any resistance I shall not offer.
Let them kill me, what I prefer.
O Krishna, I’m highly confused.”
To fight the war he refused.

His heart filled with sorrows.
He laid down his bow and arrows.
Overwhelmed with compassion,
He shunned the lust and passion.

Krishna smiled and understood,
“Arjuna, for you it’s no good.
You belong to warrior race,
Your image will it not deface?”

“O Krishna, how to kill Bhisma,
And my guru and guide Drona?
Please instruct me what to do?
I seek guidance from you.”

“O Arjuna, about the dead
Know, the body is dead,
But the soul really is not.
Soul is eternal, dies not.”

“As one discards worn out clothes,
And takes other new clothes,
The soul discarding worn out body,
It enters any other new body.”

“Treat your pleasure and pain
In the task, your loss and gain
The result, victory and defeat,
Alike and get ready to fight.”

“To work you’ve the right.
In my hands leave the fruit.
To duty yourself attach.
To lust yourself detach.”

“Whenever virtue subsides
In the world, vice prevails,
I come to help the mankind.
This truth you shall mind.”

“The yoga of knowledge is one,
And another, the yoga of action,
Both lead to the supreme bliss.
Everyone should know this.”

“Karma yoga is better.
To follow, it’s easier.
For fruit one doesn’t aspire,
But one devotes to labour.”

“Arjuna, seated I’m in the heart,
Of all beings, but don’t take part
In their self willed actions
Or in the resultant reactions.”

“The entire universe all over,
I hold it with my infinite power.
You’re always under my cover.
So, to fight this war, don’t shiver.”

“Among the lot, the path of prayer,
Bhakti yoga is the most superior.
Surrender all your duties to me
And seek refuge in me.”

“I shall then free you.
Sins will not touch you.
So, grieve not
Rise up and fight.”

Millions of years one may need,
The Book Bhagavad Gita to read,
To cover and understand all the pages
That has surpassed many ages.

Every page is studded with gold.
Letters shine like pearl and emerald.
The Godsend priceless treasure,
It’s free for all in good measure.

The entire book to compress,
It’s difficult task to impress.
Still, a few of the highlights,
Here one can see in bright lights.


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