a poem by Cinde Dreyer, South Africa - poetry writer, author, poet

My friend ,how long will you still throw yourself at the salted sea?
How much longer do you wish to find peace on the shores
and dreams in the water`s freedom?
Your sugarsick body has dissipointed you today
as you disease it with your pain
Your soul, which once helped me when I was in need,
Has now broken down in tears as you play your guitar
And listen to the soft tunes that you have just made up in your mind
Your beautifull mind that creates hope and wonder
Sometimes tunes of anger and disspair, ts when you play harder
That my hart shrinks within itself and becomes unbearably heavy
For I have seen your pain, when you stare at the sky
Seeking anwers
Or is it forgiveness?
My friend, you are most precious
My scarless arms
My clean hands and
My broken knife
reflect what you are
no one can give you happyness , you create it
Create it for today, and may your dreams find truth
Dont let them put you down, if you are worthy of your days and nights
Who are they to judge?
Now, sleep at peace for the night
While I pray inside
And when you wake
Ill still be at your side.

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