Let the light shine

a poem by Anjani George, India

My pride I shall swallow
No longer in contempt to wallow
My aim trifle larger than life
No time to waste on so trivial a strife

For I maybe but a mould of clay
A bit of dough for the maker to play
Yet when he blows air into his artwork
He peps it up, with hope as a perk

He can mould and re-mould the dough
No batch spared of craftsmanship though
A closer scan and miracles make you wonder
At privileges rightfully adjusted, this is no blunder

Pray and happiness is for all, poor or rich
Its vigour rated at the same pitch
When the brave wait to the end without a worry
The fickle minded are always in a flurry

Maybe, none too less, none too more
But haven’t we all been washed ashore?
To nudge and budge, to love or pine
But pave the way we must for his light to shine

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