Some of my quotes...

a poem by Myrna Martin, USA

"If it is not right. Don't do it."

"Think it, don't speak it."

"If you wouldn't like it done to you, why do it?"

"Kindness does not cost anything, but bad choices do; It's called consequences."

"My Children are the reason my heart beats."

My Son Martin told me this, " A
Boy's Mother is his FIRST VALENTINE."

"Shut your mouth and LISTEN, you don't KNOW everything; You MIGHT just LEARN something new."

"I'm no one's second."

"We are all worthy and deserving of LOVE, NO ONE has the right to tell you we are not."

"NEVER put your head down for anyone."

"I don't walk, I stroll."


"I put my pant's on the same way you do."

"Roll tape"


"IF I let you in, I give you my heart."

"Not every Man can handle me; my love, my caring, compassionate, nurturing side. But, that is okay! It just means I am waiting for someone very special. He just hasn't found me yet."

"Smile, and stay happy."

"I trust easy, and love hard, some might call it flawed living; I call it, living la vie en rose."

"I rather wear my rose colored glasses, than none at all."

"I GET IT! Life can be sucky, we don't have to be."

"When will people understand we are ALL CONNECTED."


"Do your best even when your tired, you never know what blessings will come."

"Poetry is therapy for me."

God, faith, compassion, love...
This much I know is true.....
Think about it long and hard...

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