a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India

When shafts of light
Wake me up with
Their delight everyday morning
I muse :
Year after year,
Day after day;
I have seen you at it:
At work
To make the darkness vanish,
To make the break of the dawn
A bright and shining delight,
A perpetual and soulful delight!

Truth and falsehood
Never coexist
So do light and darkness
One has to flee the place;
The false one is darkness
Has to give up his place
In the universe
And everyday life ,
Every time!

You are so light
True to your name ;
A wisp of a being
Yet, you create
With your great might!
All the beings
Being your progeny
And made with the core of light
Call it soul or light!
As the great Shakespeare says ;
" Pray , what is in a name ?"

Tireless being;
You travel light
Never carrying
The burden of ignorance,
From the center of the universe
To the edge of its rim;
You bounce back and forth
Like a laughing child
Amusing itself
In a trampoline
Woven with a fiber of light,
In an amusement park !

Salutations oh light,
Teach us to travel light,
Never carrying the burden
Of ignorance;
And never stand in your path-
To cast shadows
In other's lives and their due delights !

Salutations Oh, leading light! The festival of lights( Diwali) is almost over, but may happy memories of your delights linger forever, Amen!

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