One World

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

Swirling worlds whirl around many stars,
Throughout the depths of space.
Rocky planets like Earth or Mars,
Put there by God’s Good Grace.

Stars born from cloudy nebulae – dust and gas.
Suns like grains of sand upon a beach.
Some many times our own Sun’s mass,
Further away than our minds can reach.

Our little Earth, so gloriously blue.
Teeming with life, it’s oh so true.
Planet Paradise we take for granted.
Why can’t we see that we’re enchanted?

Worlds like ours are very rare,
Though there may be others way out there.
The human race can be a parasite,
Draining the soil with technological might.

We have to fight against this destruction.
Conservation is my instruction.
Cherish All Life is what I say,
Loving Nature the only way.

Wellbeing for all must be our creed.
Don’t be tempted by ravenous greed.
We have one Life and just one World,
So there it is, my flag’s unfurled.

Paul Butters

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