a poem by Phillip Joseph Hussey, UK

I gaze in awe at the looming crowd
On this winding path in the wilderness
The silence shattered by neighing noises
And the sound of clattering hooves
Breaches the early morning stillness
The rising mist illuminated by the rising sun
Is blemished by dark haunting images
Whose shapes distorted by the thick dawn
Immersed in swirling fog reveal their string
Thundering past my vision they canter
The blending of black, brown, white and grey
On they go to nowhere swallowed
By the gloom and foliage of merging forest
On they come and go an unending rhythm
Of clashing hooves in monotonous motion
My love and wonder of horses beasts
Awakens my heart and mind to beauty of life
These noble animals of power and speed
Shaking their manes as they sing their songs
Crunching the undergrowth with steel
From powerful legs and hindquarters
Steams rises from their bodies and seems
To be the source of the billowing clouds

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