The depths of the sea

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Today I sat and watched the sea
As the water drew close it filled me with glee
The waves crashed down with a tremendous roar
Turning to foam and then they are no more

Her colour, deep blue with a browny green tint
And every so often the sun makes her glint
But for the most part, the sky is dark grey
Despite the gloom, she still wants to play

The rocks making ready for the assault on the brink
As the waves gather pace, many ships she could sink

The lighthouse stands tall representing man
As mother nature continues to work out her plan
The waves getting taller they move closer still
till every small hole and crevice they fill

The barriers stand strong against the rage of the sea
but nothing will stop her, in her domain she is free

Many a life she has claimed in her might
We treat her so poorly in our short sight
We fill her with rubbish and destroy life within
yet we wonder why, her patience wears thin

We gaze at her beauty with awe and wonder
never giving a thought to what is deep under
With little thought for this world she grows in strength
As we cause havoc she grows breadth and length

Far surpassing our understanding the tides continue on
As we wake, as we sleep - what she sweeps away is gone
Yet in her ferocity there can be found peace
when the wind dies down and the waves finally cease

You sent out your ships to delve deep inside
Poking and prodding with such obvious pride
Little care for her position as she covers the earth
Hungry for adventure you ignore her true worth

Exploiting her treasures, destroying her soul
Not thinking twice how that takes its toll
She is a beautiful mass but with an anger that burns
So think twice before you step out with lack of concern

Don't underestimate her power and glorious might
You think in your wisdom that you've won the fight
You may think you know her, have captured her heart
but I beg you beware, what you've seen is the start

The little star

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