Truth has essence of pain

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

Keep the truth with you,
All things should not be known,
Truth is killing I tell you,
Not a trace should be shown.

There are so many facts,
We know aren't right,
Yet we hold our peace,
For such are the ways of wise.

It is wise to overlook,
It is wise to ignore,
Some facts need to be hidden,
Right in the hearts' core.

Wise keep their hearts guarded,
Lips never utter the core,
All hide the facts for sure,
In the hearts' core.

With time you will realize,
All are doing the same,
Opening lips is dangerous,
For it can bring a lot of shame.

Some truths are to be hidden,
Some truths are to be ignored,
Some truths are to be forgotten,
Some truths are not to be known.

Man is born free,
Yet everywhere he is in chains,
Hide the facts, I tell you,
Truth has the essence of pain.

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