Ego Blinds

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

No language can unite them,
I tell you the truth for sure,
They are a class ridden society,
Hearts are not so pure.

We are also divided by caste,
We have differences so vast,
Parts exist right to the core,
I tell you right till the heart.

How foolish for us to boast,
How foolish it is for sure,
Gold in our treasure,
Has robbed us of humanity for sure.

Keep your gold in a locker,
It will be safe for sure,
Be a bit more human,
A quality that all adore,

Easier for the camel,
To cross the needle's eye,
Riches have such virtues,
It often turn us blind

Blind to the poor,
Blind to all needs,
Blind to all society,
Blind to all people who plead.

Note:- Christ said that it is easier for a camel to enter a needle eye than for a rich Man to enter the kingdom of heaven. It means accumulating a lot of money not sharing it with those who need it the most is very bad.

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