the End is near..

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

There's rain in my eyes
and the sky is dry
nothing on my lips
cos the words won't lie
nothing on my lips
and no love denied
the ground is shaking
cos the light can't hide

There's a whisper in her kiss
that I struggle to hear'
signs on the street
sayin the end is near
every madman grinning
from ear to ear
the wound is sacred
so there's nothing to fear
nothing to fear..

There's time on the dresser
but none on the clock
the power went out
with the crowing of the cock
my arm's in a sling
and my heart's in a sock
the lights have turned red
but no-one wants to stop
call the cops..

There's writing on the wall
but the phone won't ring
and the silence on my lips
didn't change a thing
the empty feeling in my gut
causing my head to spin
while the last thing I hear
is Satan starting to sing
like all angels sing..

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