MUSKETEERS 82nd CHALLENGE ,TITLE = The Life So Short, The Crafts So Long To Learn ,

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

I survived in a world of danger,
A place where no man should go ,
I was trained by a complete stranger,
To toil in the darkness below ,
The tools I used were necessary,
My strength and wit as well ,
But pain and hardship befell me,
As I challenged the wrath of this 'Hell',
Many a friend I made down there ,
From different walks of life,
Now they're gone ,Though I not where,
Far away from this endless strife,
After twenty eight years down that dusty mine ,
Another craft I learned anew,
Money was scarce , and life was short,
So this new beginning ,I did pursue,
Many years did pass me by ,
And weariness began to show ,
But I always kept a secret,
From my work-mates down below ,
I was never without a notepad ,
And my trusty pen,
Thus when I had a moment,
I would write 'Poetry ', now and then,
Never in a hundred years ,
Would my secret become unfold ,
But I came to VN as a stranger,
With my 'Poetry', instead of gold ,
Life is so short ,
The craft so long to learn,
But should I live a few more years ,
Then my patience ,
Was my return

Author , Edwin Keith Jepson ,
November 10th 2017 ,
My contribution to Kenneth Clarkes 82nd Musketeers Challenge , A wonderful Inspirational Challenge Kenneth,
Best Wishes To You , EDDIE ,

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