Use The Vote Otherwise Do Not Complain

a poem by tobias kerins, UK

A few years of turmoil, surprise results produced
Where opinion spoke, and thought induced
The advocate of change, to the people a call
Here are my policies, set out in my stall

Did you plump for Trump, decide to stay with May
Cast the EU, into yesterday
On Scottish independence, did you with Nicola side
Or decide indeed, the Union stay tied

Macron in France, a new Monsieur
Perhaps La Penn, was too impure
Germany calling, the AFD
Support or ignore, Angela’s plea

Barcelona, in the sunshine of Spain
Illegal referendum, results in pain
But Constitution, must prevail
Can this ship, return to sail

World across, people have spoken
Ways of old, they just want broken
A New World order, a new regime
Anger was felt, and they let off steam

Responsibility lay, with those elected
Whom by the people, chose and selected
But to govern with strength, the party must unite
Not self-implode, and continually fight

Look at Trump in America, they’re giving him trouble
Trying to disrupt, and burst his bubble
And some are Republicans, their own party cheating
Follow the Democrats, like sheep who are bleating

Mrs May in England, by European division
Has seen her party, wield a self-incision
Conservatives divided, and full of dismay
Disorder aplenty, much disarray

Macron in France, honeymoon is finished
His popularity, all but diminished
Seems unable, to push policies through
Majority angry, contented are few

Angela in Germany, another coalition
Harder this time, to bring fruition
The hard right do function, could alter her plans
Is she another, of these also-rans

The people voted, because they had had enough
Promises broken, and all that stuff
They wanted change, and they put people in power
If they don’t deliver, they’ll be sent to the Tower

Because these politicians really, do seem to forget
That it’s to the public, they owe their debt
And that once they’re in power, they can do what they want
It’s like walking the tightrope, a dangerous stunt

So whether you concur, or completely disagree
With those in power, that we all can see
You cannot complain, if you chose not to vote
It’s like booking a cruise, but missing the boat

Make use of the vote, it’s a powerful tool
Be one to count, be in the pool
And if it goes wrong, or you do not like
Next time comes round, and their name you strike

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