a poem by Louise Marie Robello, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

If i could buy happiness and serve it on a silver platter, and bring it to you would all that matter? I would give you an island a country the whole world if I could, you're everything
that's beautiful and everything that's good. Love is in the air and will swing you from the stars
with every cloud it wraps around I am closer to where you are. With every tear, with every
fear with every emotion a mortal can have, I think I have found my man. Let me pull the glass
from your feet, let me get the splinters from your fingers, let me lavishly feed you with a life
that love lingers. Let me shade your world to spare your precious skin, let me choose the
numbers that makes your lotto win. Tell me your deepest wishes and I will try to do what I can,
to keep you happy cause you're my one and only man.

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