THE 82nd CHALLENGE: TITLE, "The Life's So Short, The Craft's So Long to Learn!"

a poem by John Starks, USA

Ah, craft (decoded) but alludes to skill,
Yet time (should flesh prove man) indeed is brief,
Hence death which steals the life is but a thief
Which dares cut short man's exercise of will.
Yes, craft may flourish as a flow'r until
A man's evicted from his cherished fief,
And, too, succumbs, as does a falling leaf
Which kisses earth or rides some snow-fed rill.
But man, if disciplined, may leave a mark:
If dedicated, he may go a mile
Ere craft is silenced by the pending dark.
Man's legacy (preserved a little while)
May bear brief witness aft he does embark,
And (seeming sweet) may soon seem naught but bile.

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