MUSKETEERS 82nd Challenge , Title = The Life So Short , The Crafts So Long to Learn, Take 2 ,

a poem by Edwin Keith Jepson, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Once again I cannot think,
I see before me unused ink,
My quill is ready,
But my thoughts are blank,
I must improve , or lose my rank,
Rondeau , Sonnets , and Acrostic styles,
There are many more in various styles,
Riddles, Limericks ,and Cinquain verse,
Fact or fiction,
Create converse,
If I can study and present just one,
Well you must agree ,
It's better than none ,

My 2nd poem Challenge for Kenneth's Wonderful 82nd Inspirational Challenge , 'The Life So Short ,The Crafts So Long To Learn,
Author , Edwin Jepson,
November 14th 2017 ,

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