a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

His banner over me is love,
Life has never been this lovely,
Like sapphire and gold that pleases,
You have gladden my soul,
You are as a very lovely song of one who has a pleasant voice,
You made for me a garden of renown,
With all manner of precious stones as a walkway,
With beautiful fountains of water, and a pleasant weather,
That never hurt nor cease it's light, by day or by night,
With showers of blessings coming down in their seasons,
Distilling in every single path I tread,
Flowing to the lowest of valleys,
Reaching every single soul, within and beyond my shores,
An endless blessings of an invisible Father.

My soul quivering, in wonder of such a love,
Lavished on such a one as I, who on the dark once trod,
Today I am most blessed, most favoured,
Indeed I have been made greatest in the land of the great,
My soul is a burning sphere, it's flame sparking,
As clear as crystal, as shining as diamond,
Touching every single soul, with endless smiles that pleases,
My heart rejoices, in hearing of the preparation made,
To transport me to a future brighter than the path I trod,
Yea, the train is moving,
Join in my happy throng, bow and shout in adoration,
To Him who's banner over me is love.

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