No More Soldiers Needed.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

No More Soldiers Needed.

No more soldiers needed,
The fight for peace succeeded.
Animosity a thing of the past,
Harmony and serenity at last.

Arms laid down, not required any more.
No more hostility, no possibility of war.
Forgotten prejudice and misunderstanding,
Growing Friendships now more demanding.

All attacks on mankind, no longer take place,
A new found togetherness of the human race.
Live and let live, with a hopeful trust,
Tolerating different opinions a definite must.

Nuclear disarmament and warships tied up,
Politicians and eager warlords all dried up.
Dictators now with no place left to hide,
Feuding nations standing side by side.

All this sounds far too good to ever be,
A much better world for all humanity.
Is there a chance this will happen one day,
Hard to imagine, all we can do is pray.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2017.

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