The storm is approaching

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

The storm is approaching,
I heard the alarm,
The fear of danger,
My faith did disarm,

I lost the helm of faith,
I was swept too and fro,
My heart in its distress ,
No patience could ever know.

From the lips of a stranger,
I heard have faith in God,
Yet I kept wavering,
As If I was the lost.

I wondered too and fro,
Sighing bearing the pain,
Turning from faithful to faithless,
From strengthened to being in vain.

Though the storm is bound to approach,
Yet through strom he shall be my guide,
Tempest doth also obey Him,
Why fear when He is beside.

Did the boat of disciple sink,
Didn't the sea obey His command,
Peace be still in His command,
Full obedience He demand.

Sympathy lip sympathy
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