a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Flawsome, why not just awesome, Why make it something less
No one said that it was less but rather it's with our flaws that we can bless
Awesome is who God is and we can never be on parr
We strive to be Christ-like, laying down all that we are
But still we are just human, that, however, was not a mistake
Because it’s only by relationship with him we understand what is at stake

God doesn’t want perfection, for that he could look within
He wants excellence of service, looking past our sin
He is not a cruel master awaiting us to fall
But instead, with ears wide open he is listening for our call

He knows that we aren’t perfect, he knows sometimes we fail
But he never gives up on us, picks us up when we are frail
It's in those moments of fragility when the world mocks and scorns
It's for those times when we gave up he wore that crown of thorns

Those flaws that lie within us created in disappointment and doubt
He uses them to help us to seek the lepers out
To reach out in kindness just as he once had
To heal the sick and bring comfort to those who are feeling sad

You see the reason we are flawsome is not because of what we have done
But only in experiencing the great love of his only son
If we never needed help, if we were awesome on our own
Then how could we touch others in a world where he is unknown
It's not just that he loves us, a truth we stand in strong
But he has called us to love others who’ve been missing far too long
It's through the flaws we carry, formed in believing satan’s lies
That we now have the power to unveil his clever disguise

To walk in our freedom although the battle wages on
The trails s and temptations, it's not they have gone
But instead, we see right through them guiding others as we go
Into the loving arms of Jesus were in safety we can grow

Who am I?
Walking with God
I see the way you look at me

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