a poem by Drsudarsan Damodar Prasad, India - poetry writer, author, poet

God, I know it and see it
More often than not;
That he does convert
Your lesser loss
Into a greater gain;
This is a simple fact
Every tenet of the holy scriptures
Support it ;
Vouch for it !

Why my mind gets bogged down in
The whirlpool of disbelief -
And mental pain?
In the cesspool of sensual delight;
The faint light
Of reason caught
In the quagmire of confusion!

It is your game and game plan
I have no clue as to when
The game will end,
And then I will know the truth:
That there will be light
At the end of the dark tunnel;
My ordeal was unreal:
Like the mirage chased by a caravan,
Troubled by unquenchable thirst
Without an adept -
All knowing desert pilot
At the helm of affairs!

Thy feet my refuge
Thy burden bearing feet-
My solace
And bed of bliss,
For a well earned rest !

Thy will be done, Obeisance oh God of insight and Goddess Of wisdom !

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