a poem by Moses Michael N, Nigeria - poetry writer, author, poet

Love is kind,
Love is gentle,
Like the butterfly,
It is warm and soft,
Like the rainbow,
It is pleasing to the eyes,
Like the lilies,
It is beautiful to behold,
Like the fountains,
It is pleasant to gaze upon,
Like water to the thirsty,
It is most desirable,
Like medicine to the sick,
It is a healer of one broken.

Love is kind,
Love is gentle,
Like roses among thorns,
Love is beautiful,
Like sorry when wronged,
Love changes everything,
Like the eagle among the birds,
Love is strong,
Like the honeycomb,
Love is sweet,
It thrills every soul with joy,
It lightens the air with warmth,
Love is kind, love is gentle,
It calls every single soul,
Come fest with me.

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