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Ding, ding, ding,
The wind of a new year is blowing!
Time in our eyes seems to fly swiftly,
Many wish it a pause, many wish it faster,
Only on a mortal mind are these calls made,
In the heart of many lies all that hurts and makes afraid,
With deepest sadness untold,
They are worn, with fear of things on seen,
No more with they with joy and happiness strive,
Looking back on their wishes and soul desires,
Their hearts plunge deep down in misery and pain,
Frustration and regrets,
Their wishes seems to fade oblivion,
Their decisions seems broken,
I ask why worry, why be sad?
Life is more than all that seems, and appears wrong,
Why look on the things that hurts, and makes afraid?
Gaze upon the skies and the beautiful firmaments,
The stars, the sea, and the beautiful things of nature,
Call a retreat, look behind you, all things are beautiful.

As for me, I am glad,
As for me, I am happy,
As for me, I live with the warmest appreciation ever,
To Him who's banner over me is love,
To Him who has clothed me by His endless joy,
Deep down in my heart is a song, one that calls my heart to rejoice,
Not because I am with gold and silver,
Not because I have made for myself a beautiful palace,
Of all manners of beautiful onnearments,
Precious stones that pleases the eyes,
Look around, beautiful things of life are free,
The water, the air, the sun, the moon,
If I could pay for them all, who could but help me?
For eternity all will remain debtors,
Here am I, my soul is singing, I am debtless,
I am saved, I am freed.

I call on you, O ye heart sad and worn,
Call a retreat, pause and think,
Of the man, who on the oxygen breaths with so much a pain,
With so much to pay, with only but a wish,
To see the dawn of a new day,
And to behold once more the faces of dear loved ones,
To scatter lovely smiles on their faces,
And say that three letter words "I love you",
Think of the dying man,
On his last breath wishes to speak, but can't say a word,
Join in my song, join in my dance,
All things are beautiful, nothing is lost,
Each soul is on a time zone, never late never early,
The time is pure, the year is beautiful,
I am happy, I am glad.

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