Santa with fab six packs abs and HO HO HO? No, No, No!

a poem by Nishu Mathur, India

How would Santa be,
if he were to lose all his chubby weight,
emerge trim from the gym,
with fab six pack abs,
and a really slender waist?

His cheeks might lose their ruddy countenance,
and oh ...their apple cherry glow,
change diameter, radius,
become white as pallid snow.

And what of his chin, would it turn pointed, elf like,
instead of a smooth rotund round,
buried deep within,
his silky white beard,
just one chin may be found!

His roly poly belly, a cushion,
of course would then deflate,
become hard and flat,
off fat,
a food free empty plate.

He would not be in much danger,
of getting stuck in the chimney I'd say,
like a fish in water, smooth and clear,
he'll go,
laughing all the way.

And when I'd sit on his lap (old people like to too)
I might end up with a groan,
poked, pierced, prodded
bumped perhaps,
by his fat free muscles, bones

He might not look as merry as mistletoe
so jolly a cheerful fellow
he might turn all sleek, svelte,
With ooomph, much less of a bellow

He might not sound so delightfully robust,
his feisty zesty HO HO HO,
to a Santa with six pack abs,
I say a No No No No!

I like him just the way he is, layers after layers,
but dear Santa,
of that beautiful heart of yours,
do take loving care.

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