Who am I?

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

Who am I to ask questions of you
as though I know better, when clearly you do
Who am I to lift myself higher
when I manage to achieve the things I desire

Without you those things wouldn't exist
and the urges to quit I couldn't resist
but its only in your power that I stand a chance
my lifetime you see in a quick passing glance

Who am I to accept recognition?
For without you beside me, I’d not have this position
You went before me paving the way
And still you are with me in each step every day

I am sorry i doubt you when I get myself stuck
Not trusting in you but relying on luck
I don’t know why I do it when you never failed me before
Just right in the moment, surrender feels raw

Who am I to demand your attention?
with prayer requests, begging a quick intervention
Not in my will but yours I have prayed
but when it comes down to it, it’s my will I craved

I do want to serve you and I know you know best
but sometimes I get swept up in wanting the rest
you know when I’m ready but you see when I’m not
And so when I’m pushing its because I forgot

Who am I to decide what others deserve?
Passing judgement, that is for you only reserved
You showered me with great your gift of grace
Yet when I see others I forget I was once in that place

Your love has covered me and made me anew
I should be rejoicing and sharing of you
But instead I find myself judging and being unkind
Help me to remember, it’s by you I’m defined

Who I am is what you want me to know
Because when I am secure from me you will flow
When I'm full of questions, judgement or fear
I can come lay them down as your spirit draws near

Who am I but a child in your arms?
Held by your love that I may come to no harm
I humble myself as I lay it all down
You take off my faults and replace them with a crown

Faith is like a cup of tea
Walking with God

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