Faith is like a cup of tea

a poem by Elizabeth Grace Shearer, UK - poetry writer, author, poet

A cup of tea is more than a drink
Its often an invitation to set up a link
to celebrate something that's made you smile
or catch up with friends you've not seen in a while
Sometimes it brings comfort and dries up the tears
Or in moments of panic, calms peoples fears

A cup of tea is a symbol of love
to sit and relax, let your worries float above
With a warm fuzzy feeling on a cold winters day
or satisfying thirst when the suns out to play
There isn't a time when tea doesn't fit
be it morning or night and you don't need much kit

A cup of tea with family or a friend
is all you need when your at your wits end
Some cups are fancy with handles so small
and then are mugs that stand big and tall
Not forgetting the contents, some like it strong
but others pour milk like to taste tea is wrong

Faith is like tea, an opportunity to share
to bring people together and show them you care
To bring hope in sadness and share in delight
Bringing reassurance that we are in God's sight

When you make tea its a process you learn
it sometimes takes time so your arms you don't burn
Faith is the same, it doesn't happen overnight
but the more that you practice, you will soon get it right

Just as with cups in all shapes and sizes
so too is faith and often full of surprises
But what is inside is what truly matters
The cup might be beautiful but insides just a splatter

What use is a cup if there is nothing to drink
Much like us our faith, sometimes down the sink
but the good news is just as we make cups of tea
and the warmth we feel fills us we glee
We can be filled up again with faith overflowing
and enjoy a hot drink knowing that we're growing

Walking with God
Who am I?

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