a poem by Conrad Kruger van den Bergh, South Africa - poetry writer, author, poet

…it comes slow
the rhythm sultry
the tune smooth
his voice unhurried
the way I like his bests songs
the way I always remember them to be
never changing
“…before you slip into unconsciousness
I'd like to have another kiss
another flashing chance at bliss
another kiss, another kiss…”
Jim Morrison at his best
he’s been with me forever
since the day I was…
just was
but I ignore midnight as it comes skulking
from the streets below
those lyrics always meant much more
despite the burden of the streetlight below
coming to fix me up again
a crooked shadow falling all over the TV
this time of night I never switch the lounge light on
I like it this way
a chance at bliss
but I’m still not really sure what the song means
I just like the way it comes
and to breath the frozen air
from outside
drinking on my skin through the curtains
one more time
I wish I knew what the night asks me to see
perhaps it wants me to invent words
with crystal ships
to explain why the hell
all those things happen out there
on the streets
but sometimes I just don’t care
I’ll let my shadow scribble all over the TV
in some way, unpretentious
in some way, arrogant
a flip to the world
a slip into unconsciousness
a bow to then end of it all
and I drink my gin
to the bottom
finding myself staring through the quartz
“…the crystal ship is being filled
a thousand girls, a thousand thrills
a million ways to spend your time
when we get back, I'll drop a line…”
it means something alright
I wonder if that guy ever got his share of spills
if he did
he would have known they came with chills
another million ways to find meaning to it all
and sleeping with her head on my lap
her wild blond hair falling all over my legs
stretched out on my sofa
Mazzy slightly curls up again
I’m not going to wake her
she had a rough day
a thousand thrills
I’ll just leave her right here
and I’ll sleep
until another kiss…

Conrad Kruger van den Bergh (Copyright, 2017)

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