Musketeers Challenge 82. This Life's Too Short , The Crafts Too Long To Learn

a poem by William Willis, Scotland

This is a poem I loosely wrote after watching a true life documentary of a lifer prisoner who was released into a new world after serving 20 years.

82nd Inspirational Challenge Title.

When drink and drugs did rule my world. No flicker in my thoughts.
I killed a man with my bare hands and deserved the time I got.

I clean canteens till gleaming clean and mop the prison floors. My days are filled with woodwork skills until they close the door.

The night is black, temptation dark. As grown men they do cry.
The noose hangs loose, a mind confused. Two score years to fry.

10 years now passed, my sentence halved. Coz through their hoops I jumped. I'm now outside in morning light. A new world run by Trump.

On sidewalk street, I place my feet and hands they dangle free. I look around and all the crowd are staring right at me.

They have these pads that look like glass and tap them with their fingers. Nobody talks. They only walk. No airy chit chat lingers.

Is this my home where chordless phones have taken over speech.
I've done the crime and did my time. But this worlds out of reach.

My life is short, the noose now taught. That dark arts not for me.
That worlds not mine, I'll end this rhyme. I now feel truly free.

Thanks for the inspiration dear Kenneth. It's a bit morbid but it amazing where these titles take us.

As per Kenneth Clark's Inspiration Challenge 82.

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