a poem by Mariam Gabrielle, United Arab Emirates

Oh ferocious thunder, oh striking lightning!
How would I be saved?
The waves in the sea are tremendously huge
And the night sky is covered with harrowing darkness.

What then shall I do? Where else shall I go?
Think… think.. think.. think.. I couldn’t find a way to escape..
My mind is covered with dense clouds
I can’t breathe, my throat is squeezed tight

Wherever I go is dead end
Everywhere I look leads to nowhere
Everywhere I gaze is infinity
How then will I survive?

I’m in the middle of the ocean crying out loud for help
But help is extensively far from my reach
Not even a glance of chance
Nor a tidbit sound of rescue.

The boat is sinking
I’m standing in solitude
No life boats, no life vest, no skill to swim.
How will I survive?

I looked up again and beg for God’s mercy
The boat is filled with water
I am drowning and FAITH is my only HOPE.

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