What a pity it is for sure

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

What a pity it is for sure,
When mankind seeks for name,
Striving to achieve unachievable,
Gathering to themselves shame.

What a pity it is for sure,
When we try to write on sand,
Waves of time wash it away,
Yet we can't ever understand.

Why struggle for vanity,
Why strive for name,
Waves of Time,
Turn Stones to grain.

Note:- Through this poem I seek to draw your attention as to how people fight with each other only to proclaim their own goodness, and in that process harm their own reputation.

The title of the poem is driven from the comment given by my friend Eddie on my poem previous poem.

What a pity
All my poems
Do not take the name of God invain

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