From The Corner Of My Eye

a poem by Mikayla Jade Watts, USA - poetry writer, author, poet

From the corner of my eye I saw you standing there,
watching and waiting as without a care.
When I look into your eyes I see a million mad men staring back at me
contempulating, my every move drawing you closer to me.
But you never knew that I was the one watching you.
Every decision that I have made was so that I could be right here at this moment.
So, I could be a fragment in your time.
You have never really known me, because that is something I could never give you,
I couldn't give to anyone.
For what I hold within my heart is a secret I hold within myself.
A passion I can not release for fear it will burn this world with it's fire.
This urge is a caged panther within my chest, pacing back and forth, waiting and testing the strength of it's prisons walls.
If I am not careful it will burst my heart and kill me.
It breaks my heart, this is my secret hell.
So for now I shall have to accept my punishment,
to only see you from the corner of my eye,
and from there I will worship your reflection.

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