Revival (blowing in the wind)

a poem by Dale Costello, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

A certain ruse
thin ice and the caved in roof
in a Summer leaking Winter
a sound..
sticking in my throat
like a splinter
like the truth
as his voice trails away
lost of its power
all the strength he had to say
he's come to the hour
claiming Revival
survival, of the fittest
but he's a fading flower
failed the beep test
the reviewers
tear him down
want to remove his crown
lay the boots in
as he crawls on the ground
the mic
sounding like a spike
he cant swallow
or spit out
cant shake the ghosts
or raise a shout
they say
he's lost the bout
been raked through the coals
he's feeling old
but there's a smile growing
he can still flaunt
memories taunt
as he takes the standing count
gets back in the ring
starts to sing
and knocks em all down
it's a blowout
candles at the checkout
bows to the crowd
waits for the sales
to roll in..
its a done thing
and the anthem
from the latest shooting star
starts up again
as the rain
beats at our souls
blowing in the wind..

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