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So unexpectedly it began.
Someone who'd just listen
Extended a helping hand,
Encouraging me, disparaging my fears,
Making me laugh,
Drying my tears
With his profound words in poetic form,
He was my lighthouse
In a raging storm;
When piercing pellets of rain
Would cause me such great pain
When others acted unfairly
He was that soft, gentle voice
A strong arm caressing me
Quieting my disdain.
How caring and affection
One for one another
It was then that we both knew;
A balance was in place like a fine-tuned
Ticking clock of two hearts beating now
As one,
Where one began and one would end
It could not be found.
For in giving of each other
We understood so well
Our thoughts and hopes together
Rang as clearly as a bell,
Always calming
My beacon in a storm
My light when darkness envelops me
His warmth to banish any chill
His love and adoration
Is mutually fulfilled,
My beacon
My light
My comfort
My love
The greatest gift
I thank from above.

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