A Child's Thanks Giving

a poem by Ernel Saligumba Merano, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

A Child's Thanks Giving

(My 1st Revision)
by: Ernel S. Merano

Thank you so much for letting us see
This lovely world that we dream to stay
But we're very sorry for the reality
Since sometimes we disturb your busy day.

Papa and Mama, we love you so
The best thing we can only do
We ought to care all about you
Even oftentimes we caused you to feel blue.

These little Ej and Erich' s smiles
Hope these may pay all the cries
We know your hearts tell very true
You truly love us, we care to do so.

We know our daily role
We're only the gifts satiate your thirsty soul
Father God cares to teach us ever
To love Papa and Mama does matter.

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