The Robins Visit.

a poem by Mark Ainslie, UK

The Robins Visit.

I had only been out there a little while,
Just gathering fallen leaves into a pile,
I sensed a movement in the corner of my eye,
A regular visitor of mine had stopped by.

A little Robin stood with statuesque stance,
It caught my eye with inquisitive glance.
Before I could focus on this welcome sight,
My curious visitor had abruptly taken flight.

Carrying on now with the job in hand,
I catch a glimpse and watch him land.
If I try to look at him full in the face,
He disappears quickly without a trace.

Washing down now table and chairs,
My robin visitor once again appears.
He's standing now on the table nearby,
Can't get a good view however hard I try.

So pleasing when robin passes through,
I guess this garden is his territory too,
I feel he's glad to see me when I am outside,
Just wish he didn't feel the need to hide.

Copyright Mark Ainslie 2018.

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