a poem by Olomolehin John, Nigeria

Growing up together then
So vivid like an unwavering dream
When inquirers would ask
for your date of birth
And you launched it at their faces
Irrespective of their ploys
December 8, 1977
It stopped poking me with noticeable intensity
Except to remind me of the fortune of encounters needed
To brag in that status too

Now u are 40
Four decades of uncountable experiences
Lengthening many strata of life's platforms
Bundled continuously by the twine of time
You erected a good-sized family
Unforgettably cementing every brick with love
The beauty of your calm wife
Well mixed with your handsome outlook
Concorted the charming looks
Imposed on your adorable daughters
That adorn your home

Though we now live continentally apart
Travelled far, dared tough risks to
find forms and flesh for the dreams we founded
Enormous fulfilments and eminence still
bubble up to pay off

Never ending strikes of childhood memories
Of events within and outside family;
The fun generated, the fame we wore
The various fails we feared to fault
The dos, the don'ts and the damages
The shame, the saves and the successes
All melted into the magma that moulded
Our lives to this admirable magnitude
Can't just stop yelling and spilling gratitude!

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