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For me poetry exists like science in that it is a question never fully answered while amassing a conversation making our lives incredible.. This poem is dedicated to the author Bret Easton Ellis who has been a part of that conversation for me, and many others.

Even and square
like you're not even there
a pawn to the fable
cards on the table..
never turned
faceless jokers
in the dream

Knights to the round
square as they are
the broke and profound
spokes as they spar
forever burning
waves spurning
the beach..

the wiring of circumstance
flags.. where they dance
colours and coiled
snakes to the foil
of hearts beating
where they swim..

Less than we know
chasing absolute zero
flame to the god
a wink with a nod
a spear in the hero
as he flails in endless sea
grotesque.. vain artistry

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