To uplift Indian Muslim women...

a poem by rm shanmugam chettiar, India

In the time of the Prophet and Abu Bakr,
Uttering the word Talaq three times
In one sitting for divorce was in vogue.
However, it was not settled in one instant.

Pronouncing talaq three times in one go
Was endorsed by Umar Farug later.
Ibn Taymiyyah didn’t favour in one go.
But only a section followed his fatwa.

Be it that Umar’s decision is not ijma
And that that of Ibn Taymiyyah is too.
The decisions of both are executive orders.
Banning the practice will not fringe ijma.

By banning the instant talaq practice,
Muslim women in India would be freed.
With that they should be safeguarded in full
In getting education and employment.

Then only government move will be just
Moto must be to grant women freedom
With their economical upliftment,
And not to send erring husbands to jail.

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