Elephant Tusks on the Moon

a poem by Kevin Rottweiler, USA

Ivory tusks
scattered near a
lunar module
the slow moving elephant
cried and trembled over its
tusks ivory
sparkling in moonlight
a day of fire & rain
up above celestial
raindrops pelted the large
as he cried for forgiveness
asking his creator for
some slack
"Oh I have sinned against God"
the big happy-go-lucky elephant
but God answered and said
"Child, you are forgiven now go and
be free...
said God
so the elephant went about its business
doing its job for the agency
sniffing for old bones
like in the "Valley of Dry Bones"
and the happy elephant
did a soft shoe dance
then he pranced
like David in the Bible
tried to please his creator
but nothing was unusual about
the day as
Jumbo the elephant
entered rehab for drinking too much
and he moved around the tusks
looking for Little Tom Thumb
the dwarf elephant
but out of a dream & prophecy
the baby elephant was not
born yet
and Jumbo was surely
ahead of his time
and his rope tail
swung courageously
like a happy dog
and Jumbo smiled
at God

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