just a scribble at the dawn ( My submission for Musketeer's 84 the challenge)

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Night craves for a breakout
sweeps the litter of flints of light,
at last, he hears the sobs of lotuses
slowly peeps up with dawn face, smiles
then shows his drawn face with a smile
with golden feathers, he breeze
caressing the sleeping world
bugles to awaken all beings and nonbeings
to another grandeur of day of action
over the time changes his mood
donning unique colourful attires
often changes to exotic hues
a painter at work with a palette full of paints
time dips to the western sky
where he puts the finishing touches to day's life sketch

the west is lit with a glow of the moon
he moves with the slow pace
raises his head from the milky way
smiling broadly with a lover's grin
down on earth the lilies lift their veils
with a shy fragrance
lovers dine and dance away the night
under the moonlit blissful dreams

until dawn, the magic canopy is lit
with the stars
the shower of blue stardust
fall on earth
glitterati from the heaven
who visit earth for a vision of the show
with a dream in my eyes
scribble my poem at the feet of my muse

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