Howlers of the moon ( Three things cannot be hidden for long, the sun, the moon and the truth)

a poem by Westly Alexander Shaw, USA

If the truth be known every family
has a secret, and mine is no different.

No my family is not member of the
nudist club, where full moons are
often seen.
They are not werewolfs covered in baby
soft fur coming out because of a full moon.
Nor, have they ever join man as he walk
on the moon.
However, it a secret just the same.

Somewhere in the velvety darkness when
the moon is full, and all the birds are tucked
away safety in the trees for the night, my
family is out there

When some are closing there eyes at night
for much needed rest, if the moon is full, my
family is not among them.

Drifting in the air is gray chimmey smoke raising
towards the moon, joining in with their howls.
As each enjoys how the moon uses the light
of the sun, to add a touch of romantic
candlelight to the world below.
They join the lonely dog sitting near his doghouse,
and the wolves and coyotes somewhere in the distance
howling at the moon.
My family been howlers of the moon from
way back.

Each in there own way are opening communication, where
nothing but a howl is needed.
There message is simple, but clear as the nose on your faces.
Whoever you are, whatever the circumstances, God says,

Three things cannot be hidden for long, the sun, the moon, and the truth.
Now, you know my family secret, so there no reason not to
come join us at the next full moon. Family and friends that howls together, stay together!
Then when the sun come out, we will sleep all day.

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