a poem by Adam Archer, Australia

O’ greetings furry pal, where wildly nestled be,
Perched in a forked bough, when steadily settles he,
Ensconced in thy welkin, loafing, to dally free –
Indweller of the iconic eucalypt tree.

Upon rising of the sun, he off to sleep goes,
But when the sun is setting, he back from sleep flows,
Delighting in benighted dalliance throws,
Pottering through canopies or ground thicket burrows.

Thy shiny black-button eyes, leathery nose too,
Thine ample sized head with brown furry ears two,
Thy taupe-tinged coat befit of honorific ‘cute,’
By any other name, a point largely rendered moot.

Inactive by day, waking four hours or three,
On a branching fork besit; achieves tranquillity.
Our heraldic emblem – appreciative are we!
Yet the story to unfold makes quite the parody:

Nay gum-nut to camouflage or gum-blossom be,
Nay zoo, or bulwark in sight, or fencing for thee;
Thus broadly roams among natures sanctuary,
Grazing by the woodland, does customarily.

O’ but to observe thee, observant by the same,
In wonted twilight dally, afore a setting flame.
But who is observing who; askance in thy stare,
This woodland curio; a sloth-like pseudo bear!

Downward rappels ‘cutie’ through a plethora of trees,
This unabashed hoplite, across the floor proceeds –
Right before my feet be known, sans a prompted cue,
To boldly froufrou forage, where felled leaves accrue.

By human audience, explores he on all fours,
With armouresque talons of horned sharpened claws,
Firstly posing mid-way to share in photos pause;
This reluctant socialite, much attention draws.

A furred cynosure of the many eyes achild,
Impressive his distinctive presence in the wild,
In exchange for attention, a new tree domiciled,
From a windy canopy, at dusk, he’d reconciled,

If I had not seized upon the chancing when had,
That happenstance had bought me to this juncture glad,
‘Twas fate to encounter marsupials today
And timely see a cute koala in situ play.

Duly making reference without confusing thee,
That he may have just as well perhap been a she!

©Adam Archer 2018

*An Alexandrine in Quatrains.

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