I could hear my ego

a poem by Reginold Ajay Jacob, India

I could hear my ego loud and clear,
It's not a good voice,
I think I should snub it,
Before I lose this choice.

Fall of Lucifer are you unaware,
Ego is the mother of pride,
I tell I must relinquish it,
Before it gives birth to pride.

Lucifer fell down from heaven,
Pride always has a price,
Humble yourself I tell you,
Or you'll have to pay the price.

Pride is hated by the creator,
Let us leave it behind,
Let our creator find love in us
For that can only bind.

Note:- This Poem refers to the fall of Lucifer an angel who because of his pride fell from heaven after fighting with God. Today that angel is known as the devil.

Dust thou art
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When tension Hits me hard
Dust thou art
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When tension Hits me hard

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